Monday, February 4, 2019

The Majority of Social Media SUCKS!

     As the title plainly states, it is my opinion that the majority of all social media sites, apps, and whatnot simply suck! They promote nothing but self-centered promoters promoting their latest promotions! Social Media in this first fifth of the 21st century is very selfish!

     That's the "Me" generation for ya!

     That being said, I still would like to participate, but in a way that provides useful or eat least entertaining content for anyone who comes across my blog! That being said, my interests lie in computers, independent filmmaking, educational tools, and education itself. I know that there are a lot of blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds on all of these subjects already, though a lot of them merely post for the views and to "get paid".

     I'm not interested in that. I want to be able to connect with like minded people who are interested in good content, not on how many views their Instagram pic of lunch received. So, now that I've written a few words for no one to see... What are y'alls thoughts? Wanna talk or communicate? Good! Let's do so!